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September 16, 2008



The sweater is beautiful, fits to perfection, and you look good as you!


This sounds familiar. Reaching mid-20s, reduction in running, extra size or two, pants interfering with the new flesh round your belly... yikes. I think I need to knit me a Demi and buy some new pants too.


FWIW, I've found that I'm MUCH more comfortable in my own skin now -- in my almost-mid-30s -- than I ever was in my teens or 20s. Sure, my metabolism isn't quite what it used to me, and childbirth hasn't been too kind to the old figure, but I wouldn't trade their former states for what I've come to understand about myself.

The sweater is gorgeous -- wear it with pride! :)


Beautiful! Both of you.


I think you look beautiful! I think that's the same color I made my central park hoodie in. Demi is on my list, but I'm leery of all the twisted stitches... yours looks fabulous!


You...and the new sweater... both look beautiful. I love the setting you picked for its debut as well.


Lovely knitting. Even lovelier transparency. And what is the difference between 4 and 8? (yes, I know...4) But really, we all know how arbitrary and changeable clothing sizes are. Bah! You're using a much healthier gauge. Well done!


Demi is gorgeous! As are you. A size is just a number, as long as you are healthy and happy, and you certainly look and sound that!


I think you and "Demi" look quite fabulous. I hear you on the body talk, and I must admit I am having issues myself with the creep that seems to sneak up on most of us. I am glad you feel better about yours, and I think I had better start to accept mine as well. Maybe I need to knit a BEAUTIFUL sweater such as yours to help ease my mind ;-)


Thanks for a lovely, lovely post! I completely understand the struggle for self-definition and the struggle for comfort within ones own skin. Thanks for articulating it so beautifully (and for giving me yet another reason to buy yarn to make Demi!).


I am also the bearer of 15 new pounds, and reading your entry was like reading something I wrote myself. My family has always had comment about my weight, always too thin or too fat (right now I'm tipping toward fat), and I'm trying to separate myself from how what they think has affected how I think. I'm trying to see that a size 6 isn't so bad. And I'm trying to remember that ten years from now, I'm going to read my journal entries lamenting my weight gain and wish I hadn't spent so much time obsessing over something so silly. I know I'm going to do that, because I do that now, when I read my old journals. Anyway, it's nice to know it's not just me. :)

And also, your sweater is fabulous!


You seem so much more comfortable all around. And cookies and ice cream are health foods, too, if only for the soul.

Liz K.

I've struggled with my weight for most of my life, so I can really relate to the ups and downs on the scale. You'll eventually get to a place where you can feel comfortable with it all, and learn not to correlate your feelings about yourself with your dress size.

In the meantime, your sweater is beautiful. And so you are, friend.


your Demi looks great! I'm halfway through the first sleeve on mine and can't wait until it's finished!


This entry really hit home for me. When I met my fiancee, I was probably about 30 pounds lighter. I was in the best shape of my life, but I was using exercise as a crutch to deal with a very bad previous relationship. I was pretty miserable.

Since then, I met the love of my life, got engaged, got one degree and started another, and packed on some serious weight. I'm not nearly as tiny as I used to be, and I've had similar struggles trying to accept the change in my body. It's definitely happy weight, and I'm slowly becoming okay with it.

It's a beautiful sweater, and you look beautiful wearing it.


You look great, because your happy. That is what you've been looking for this whole time. I go through the same exact thing in my life also. It's funny to read it on your blog and nodd saying "yup, that's me, yup yup." ::HUGS:: Embrace how happy you feel and everything else will fall in place. (Now I need to follow my advice)
As per usual, beautiful knit.


I know those 15 pounds very well myself. My boyfriend insists that he doesn't see much of a difference between me at size 4 and me at size 8, but I know the difference. I think more than anything else, it's a function of the difference between 18 years old and 24. So, there's nothing to do about it but enjoy the new clothes you're forced to buy (or knit).


I've seen this sweater so many times before, but I never understood it's charm until I saw yours. It's gorgeous! And the buttons are just perfect. Lovely stuff.


I've always struggled with my weight, and I can understand where you're coming from - but it also sounds like you're comfortable with YOU, regardless of the number in the waistband of your pants. You look gorgeous, and so does the sweater!


The sweater is beautiful! Funny how that works - the saddest times are too the times in my life when I was the most fit and trim.


Like several others, I could have written this myself. So glad you've come to a happy, sane place instead of a "beat yourself up" place. If only I'd been so smart in my twenties!


The sweater looks gorgeous, as do you. The color and fit are divine. Everything changes with time, it is all about loving life and yourself in the process.


What a great post! So glad you're in a happy relationship and can remember what unhappy felt like. Your Demi looks fantastic on you.


Lovely post, lovely sweater, lovely you.


I've got those pounds too, they arrived when I went back to work, I'm finding it hard to accept them, but don't have the time (or desire)to go on a fullscale exercise program & in my 40's I really still look pretty good & feel good so balance, acceptance & taking the stairs are my goal for now.

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