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May 17, 2007



You CAN do this and you will do well.
Typepad enticed me into Blogging...it makes things easier for a non-geek like me. My knitting has improved (even thought I've knit for over 30 years) because of Blogland.


Congrats on tackling such a gorgeous project!
I have often studied this pattern myself - the collar, the sleeve shaping ... but many years of practice await before I can attempt it. Can't wait to see your progress!


of course you can do it - can't wait to see it!

Liz K.

First of all - Wool Gathering is a wonderful shop! Natural fibers! Friendly owner! Schaefer Anne! It's one of my favorites.

I will be following your adventures knitting Katherine Howard. Your detail-oriented ways will serve you well. And it will look great on you!


It will be beautiful!!!

Oh, and I find it weird that Stephanie didn't respond to your e-mail ... I've e-mailed her twice and she e-mailed me back both times. Hmmm. Sorry!!!


Knit baby, knit!!


Oh, I am SO excited that you're knitting this--I get the vicarious thrill of watching it be born without any of the labor pains.

As someone said when this Kath-Ho was under discussion at Mason-Dixon, none of it is _hard_ individually--it's just gonna take some time.


Um, you are SO GONNA ROCK THAT. I can't wait to see it on you.

And what a fantastic post. Now that it's such a habit, it's hard to remember those early blogging days. Remember seeing each other at Maryland Sheep and Wool, and being like, hey! we know each other!!!!


If anyone can do it it's Elspeth :)


If anyone can do it woman, you can.

I am so excited for you!!


Wow, that's a really impressive project. It's beautiful and I'm sure you'll be able to complete it!


Style Update: Katherine Howard Ushers in Tudor Fashion Revival

And what a neckline....


what a wonderful story! with that drive and determination (as well as the help and support that is out here on the 'net!) you are bound to succeed. that is one amazingly beautiful sweater!


i kinda accidentally cast on for Henry last night. (But I did cast off the skirt first!!) So I'm thinking we'll have to get the lovely couple together for some Tudor knitting...


Yay! My second sweater (or third? Maybe it was third) was a Starmore. You can definitely do it. You have much more skill than I had then. You'll learn a lot, too. Some patterns are worth it just for the learning experience.


I'm rooting for you! It's a lovely pattern.


Such ambition. Such talent. Oh to be young again....


If anyone can do this project, it is you! Also, I'm putting in an early bid for you to pose with your hair done up similarly to the model's above. Thank you.


dude. you're crazy (in a good way). I can't wait to watch the adventure unfold!


When I saw you working on this last week, you were already so far along, I couldn't believe it. This is going to be awesome!!

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