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June 16, 2007



it's gorgeous, and yes, so flattering!


DUDE. I lovelovelove that skirt! I'm working on an Indigo Ripples skirt right now and really hope it comes out half as cute as that. You look fantastic in it!

donna lee

I have always been afraid of knitted skirts. I grew up in a family where having a round shape was not encouraged and since knits usually cling, they were not the clothing of choice. However, having said all that, I love that skirt on you. I would seriously think about making one and giving it a try.


I've been eager to see la skirt!! Just beautiful. It's on my list too - right after the indigo ripples, the Vogue cover Koigu skirt - I'm in a big skirt phase.

I see you're knitting Katharine Howard. I have all the original yarns to make that one. We should have a knit along ;)


Wowza! Yowza! This is amazing, and you look utterly sexy! Great job!


The skirt is fabulous, but I'm LOVING the shoes. Great job, you!

Liz K.

Thanks for the "bagging" report. This is what keeps me from knitting the skirt. My trunk does not need bagging, believe me.


Smokin' hot, girlfriend! Love the pics and that skirt is way hot! Great job!


Gorgeous, girlie! I never gave that skirt a second thought after looking at in in Lace Style, but now, hmmmm....

Great photo shoot too, as always.




Oh gosh that is so perfect! I am still a little weary of knitted skirts in general but I've seen so many cute ones recently... yours might be the one that finally puts me over the edge and convinces me to make one of my own.


wow! what a rave review! it definitely makes me think twice about a knitted skirt! it looks so flattering and amazing!


I have to say we all feel hard for this skirt when the trunk show arrived at Knit Happens. Everyone modeled, everyone oh'ed and ah'ed and everyone looked stunning.

It may have even gone out on a little field trip so the rest of the non-knitting public could reveal in it's loveliness. Maybe. Possibly.

Thanks to Elspeth for succumbing to the call and giving this lovely skirt the photo shoot it so rightly deserves. It is beautious.


Gorgeous! Thanks for the reply about my initial questions. I am ABSOLUTELY going to have to give this one a go. You look fab!


Wowee wow. That skirt is phenomenal and after hearing that it doesn't sag... well, I might lift my personal ban on knitted skirts!

4-Ply Katie

Oh my GOD. I need one right now! It looks absolutely fantastic! Swingy and cute and perfect in the denim. Well worth all the effort!


It is beautiful and looks so great on you Elspeth. Love the shoes too.


What a lovely write-up and accompanying fashion show! Kudos! And Welcome Home!


Absolutely stunning!


Woo woo! I read this when you first posted, but didn't comment b/c I didn't have time to gush appropriately. I realized if I waited that long, however, I would never comment! So here it is - woo woo! You look great and the skirt is very sexy. I love your DC shots - they remind me of my good times there.
xox, J


I could be cynical and say that of course it looks good on you, because, well, what doesn't? But I truly believe you when you say that skirt looks good on everyone. It really sizzles on you, though!


What fantastic photos of you -- oh, yes, and the skirt, too! Such a GREAT and different finished object.


fabo skirt and you're right (along with everyone else) it is very sexy and kicky at the same time!

now tell me about the shoes.


I love it! I have to make it now!


how cute you are!!! That first picture is such a fun pic.

i'm in love with those shoes.

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