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November 30, 2007



how cute is PunSir! ;o

glad to see you are back for a bit!


How frustrating! I've had a similar gauge rage this fall. It totally blows. It's good to show off the failed knits along with the successful ones though. I look forward to seeing the rest!!


So funny about your gauge. I'm a loose knitter, too. (I think it's EZ who says this is a great thing.) I generally go down one needle size from what the pattern suggests and it's perfect. I love the photos - it looks like you had a nice trip to the mountains!


Awww. I'm so sorry--I love that pullover. But at least you had a nice trip to the mountains?


Oh, no, that is really and truly awful. That sweater looked like two of you of could fit in it. That's crazy. Sometimes those swatches lie.


PunSir! Love the name. And am still envious of your nice mountain excursion.


oh no, what a pain about those gauge issues. USMP is a really great sweater though. i hope you work it out (once you're ready to tackle it again)


I've learned to love the frog too.

It's hard to see work go down the drain, but so much better in the long run. I just frogged my mystery stole 3 after having it sit in my closet for MONTHS! Now that it's frogged, I feel like I can actually knit lace again, without guilt of an ufo.

Frogging takes guts. I will admit. But usually, it's worth it.


how annoying. but, as you say, we knitters need to learn to love the frog. it will always be there and we need to embrace it! :)

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