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November 08, 2007



hmm.... sounds like all you have to do is find the box labeled "odds and ends: camera cord, sanity, free time" and you'll be set!


*laughs* You've summed up moving perfectly.

How sweet that you can procrastinate by knitting such a fun gift for your mom! I've been wondering what the Cocoon is like... you're enjoying it, huh? :)


another fun knit!! :) I hate moving - it feels like more than just your possessions get boxed up and shuffled around!

donna lee

Leave it to the TSA to spoil things. My husband used to work for them and the stories he told about what happened to people's baggage would curl your hair. It made me think twice about ever checking any baggage. And I think your mom is great to let you knit her a sweater. Best way to procrastinate.

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