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September 19, 2008



I'd be jumping around about that FO too!

My ambitious startitis joins yours and says hello.


Eep! I love it! You are making me feel ashamed again, though. I just have to block the sleeves for the orange sweater and yet...I cannot. Go you, you little knitting grayhound you!


Love the way the cables and color enhance your face. Very nicely done. Kate is a genius of design and you executed it very well!


sara is totally right. you are a knitting greyhound. love that description.

you are never, ever allowed to get a knitting machine - I think you would break the knit-time continuum. :)

(love it!)


'That is something to be proud of!' said I, as I plod along with a row or two every day or two of the never-ending Feb Lady Sweater.


It, and you, are gorgeous.

(And holy CRAP look at all you've been doing!! Can't wait to see it all in person at Rhinebeck.)


That is definitely on my to-knit list. I need to find something that'll let me wear it up around my neck. I think too-scratchy yarn would bug me.

Gorgeous color on you! A perfect casual, yet can-be-dressed up, go-visiting sweater. :)


Gorgeous as always -- both you and the knitting you've done.


Oh my goodness, this is so beautiful. I am in love with this sweater after seeing yours!


oooo, I'm glad I helped you choose that color waterlily--it's delicious on you!


I'm not even worthy to be reading this post, lol! Are you even human? It's one thing to churn out sweaters lightning fast, but heirloom-quality sweaters? Gorgeous-intricate-divinely-fitting sweaters? Sheesh, I don't even know where to start. The berry color looks so beautiful on you and the whole of it looks so professional, it could be hanging in a posh shop window with a $500 price tag. KUDOS!


ZOMG. I love that sweater. so. much. srsly. ohai, swtr, Carrielovesyoutoo. pls to send to me in GA? kthxbai.


ohhh I love it in that color. I have had my eye on this sweater. I just might add it to my list!


Oooohhhhh! That is stunning! The color and fit are perfect on you. Although I may have to disagree about this being the best fitting sweater - you have other FOs that look just as great! Hope it doesn't pill too much :)

Funny - I get eczema in my elbows sometimes when I am stressed/anxious!


You are on a major roll! Bummer that the Waterlily was somewhat of a disappointment, I am always fondling it at my LYS and dreaming of buying it...


Holy crap, you are so fast! And you look so good.

How do you top it? By designing your own from scratch, right? Please take the plunge, I'd love to see what you come up with. ;)


It is stunning. I would be so proud to knit such a beautiful sweater too.


Els, are you feeling OK? You did NOT alter the pattern completely??!! It's a gorgeous sweater , fabulous Dahlink. When are you coming to Bmore so I can fondle it in person?


Wow. WOW! It's so fantastic. *drool*

And I'm totally with you on the event-deadline-knitting. I really don't remember anymore what people who don't knit do when it comes to planning for social events.

Lee Ann

That sweater is absolutely gorgeous. The colour makes it pop.

And I would like to know how I missed the fact that you got married.

(Nevermind. You don't need to tell me how. I'm a scatterbrain, that's how :-))


Just gorgeous! I liked the sweater before, but seeing your version really sells the sweater.


Wow, wow, wow. That is absolutely gorgeous. I loooove the neck detail; what a beautiful design element. Wear that proudly!


Lovely Wisteria. The pattern is lovely!
Too bad with the waterlily, I thought I had heard about bleeding too. Ah well.


I can totally understand you doing the happy dance over this beauty. Oh how I love this sweater. It is so very pretty on you!


Gorgeous - I love this on you.

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