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January 02, 2009



I really love the coat in this yarn. I think the more fitted fit (how redundant) is more flattering than that on the website. Such pretty photos! Good job (to you AND to PunSir) :)


Amazing! Makes me want to take out more Briar Rose Fibers and knit the jacket - it is so much more appealing than the original image! Congratulations on such a great knit.


Your coat, and you, are gorgeous! I had been waiting to see some examples of this, and what you did with sizing/gauge is genius. Thanks for the inspiration!


This is fantastic! I love it - the color is fabulous.


Wow, those are some gorgeous pics, Punsir! Are you sure you're not on the cover of a magazine?

But i think what 2009 really needs is some kickassingly difficult stranded colour work gloves. Am I right?


it's gorgeous! I love the color!!


Love, love, love it! Looks amazing on you, too. Don't you just love starting the year out free and clear?

sarah b.

I'm typically not all that big on a variegated yarn, but that one is beautiful! That looks great on you!


Yep, have to say your fitted version looks much cleaner than the original, bag-like option. Well done and a very happy new year to you!


This marvelous! You look smashing! Is it just the handknit or is it also the work of Punsir? There's a twinkle in your eye that he's captured wonderfully.


That is beautiful! The coat fits perfectly, and makes me want one. (Not sure I would look as good in a felted garment as you do. *sigh*)

Punsir clearly loves his photographic subject.


Absolutely beautiful, and the feelings between the two of you is very apparent in the photos as well! What a great pair you make!


Oh pretty! I'm so glad you got the issues resolved. Fantastic photos! I cannot WAIT to see this jacket in person.


Oh girl you are so HAWT in these pics:)


You did a great job! Your jacket looks much better than the original. In fact, I haven't cared for this sweater until now. Thanks for interpreting it so beautifully. Oh, and great pics!


Ooh the sir did do a lovely job capturing how gorgeous you are :)

Love the piece and I think it really suits you.

Jackie F.

Looks great!


Nice jacket, and it looks as though you are enjoying the camera guy. There is a twinkle in your eye.


so nice!!! you did a superb job and I also love the color you chose.


damn, woman! you look fantastic! and that jacket is awesome. I really love your mods. The Punsir has a way with the camera, and with you, I suppose. ;)


Awesome jacket! You always look so great in your creations......


It looks terrific, great job! I'm with Priscilla, I didn't love this sweater until your (striking!) version. Love the lively photoshoot, too :)


Good Golly you are gorgeous. And the sweater/jacket *fantastic*. Perfect color and it just looks so amazing on you. Lovely, lovely, lovey.

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