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August 16, 2010



Adorable! I love all of your mods, even if they weren't planned.


I love your modifications! I might have to copy you and make myself a vest version.
So sorry that the yardage came out so close. I thought I had given a bit of a buffer in the estimates, but apparently not with this size.


I love it, but you knew that already. I definitely think I need to copy those mods and make a Que Sera vest myself.


I love the outfit! You pull off the 70s flair perfectly - the mods for the vest are spot on, and the side pony and boots seal the deal.


What a fantastic vest!! and that outfit- so awesome. You look gorgeous!!


Fantastic! That quote actually popped in my head this morning as I was thinking about how pissed I was at my (almost perfect) husband. I also questioned whether it would really be possible to never have to say you're sorry to your spouse.

Your project are always great. Keep up the good knitting and thanks for the "slimming" tip. Since I'm short I should just go with the stated length, thereby actually making the garment longer on me, I guess.


As usual, I love your mods! And Kirsten does some fantastic patterns - this one being no exception.


This is a stunner, E! You clearly were born several decades too late:)


I am just back form vacation and catching up on blog reading. What a fest for the eyes your summer posts have been. Your sweaters are all marvellous. I too like the scoop neck design. Flattering on me for sure - and it would appear on many. thanks for the post-summer inspiration.

Rainy Daisy

Jennifer Aniston-like bodies creep me out. It's just not right. I don't think guys really like it either. I bet it hurts to hug them.


This looks fantastic! I love your mods, intentional or not.

I am so with you on lengthening sweaters. I am not anything like long-waisted, but stuff that hits above that wide point on my hips just makes me look even more short-waisted and rectangular than I actually am.


Love the look on you---and the observation that love DOES mean having to say you're sorry. All the time. (I always thought the phrase from the movie was rather dumb.)


It's amazing what running out of yarn can do! Looks amazing!

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