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August 23, 2010



I love it! This one's been on my list for a while, but maybe this'll give me the push to get going on it. My list is so long.....


This is beautiful. I, too, have been planning this one for a while -- and yours is the nicest one I've seen! I think because of its more-fitted qualities. Lovely.


that sweater looks like fall. and it makes fall look good. beautiful.


Gorgeous sweater, and I really like all the buttons! It really does make for a more flattering silhouette (combined with all your other modifications).

I love all the modeled photos and styling tips in your recent blog posts. So awesome!


Your Tea Leaves Cardi is superb! I like that you put buttons all the way down. Beautiful!


Love, love, love! I totally want to sit down with you and discuss all those mods. Perhaps over margaritas sometime? ;)


Really pretty design. I saw something similar on garnstudio's pattern collection.


Looks fabulous! I really need to figure out how to use short rows for bust shaping; this is one of a zillion top-down partially-buttoned cardigans that I'd written off because they don't work very well if you are gifted in the bust department. But it looks great with these mods!


I adore this! It looks spectacular on you...I'm really loving these modeled shots, lately.

If I ever knit one of these (and I think I might), I'll be coming back to this post to steal all your mods! Well, maybe not the short-rows at the bust, as I am not exactly in need of those :(


gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!! the green is lovely, and how awesome does sit look with those shoes?! It looks like the perfect, go-with-everything cardi.

Rainy Daisy

Those shoes are great. Please wear them every time you wear the sweater, okay? It's a rule now.



Lovely sweater, Elspeth. And the shoes are to die for.


I'm totally raiding your closet. I don't care if your shoes don't fit. LOL.

Love the sweater - the green really looks lovely on you, and it's a color you don't do much. Perfect for fall, for sure!


Amazing and quick (considering it was sleeveless (?) when I met you at Looped). Your styling is lovely!


I love this! Just gorgeous.


Beautiful, you crafty little mynx...

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