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December 06, 2011



Okay, I am mildly geeking out right now because You! Get! To! TOUCH! DINO BONES!! That is some serious coolness right now.

 The Divine (though blogless) Elizabeth

That was a seriously fun post. It's nice to see the little bits of your job. It must be so cool to work in a museum! :)


Oh my GOD, coolest job EVER!!! Seriously, it's like putting together a ginormous jigsaw puzzle - with teeth!!


How much fun to spend a few hours with you at your job! It's sort of like a giant, life-sized jigsaw puzzle, not only the individual pieces, but getting everything to fit into a gallery space, eh? :)


Great post! I work at a natural history museum also, in the library. So I don't handle dino bones, but I get to handle some amazing books!


That is so cool! I am so envious right now. I very nearly went into museum work.

Stephanie Ivy

That is insanely cool! That must be such a fascinating job to have. Also, dinosaurs!

Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area

Wow! That is seriously cool. When I was a kid, my father's office overlooked the La Brea tar pits near downtown Los Angeles. As I lost myself in L.A.'s Museum of Natural History, it was not hard to imagine them roaming the area like gigantic prehistoric Hummers.


OMG the world is small! I used to work across the street from where you work now. Plus, dino-bones? total win.


wow, that's absolutely amazing!!! How many people can say they've assembled a dinosaur skeleton in their lives? Not many, I'm sure. This is so cool!


Great post!!! Cool dinos!


Beauty, brains and now you have brawn too, lol! It's so nice that you love your job, but tell us, where is the little corner for you to hide and knit :)) I was telling my son about your job and he says, that's not a job that's fun! love reading your blog! cheers, Debbie

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