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December 29, 2011



So, so sorry to hear about the unexpected transition. I know, from personal experience, the stomach drop that comes with that knowledge. Lots of positive thoughts headed your way from my corner in Iowa.


Also sorry to hear about the job, hope better things come your way in 2012. And Amy H mentioned that you may be interested in doing a little sample knitting to make ends meet - will def. keep that in mind! Love this cardi, your mods are perfect!!


Gorgeous sweater. Very sorry to hear about the job. Layoffs are survivable, I know from experience. But not fun. Good luck.


Such a bummer about the job. Love the sweater, though! (Also, you can do short row shaping with a lace pattern? Magic!)


have you thought about teaching what you have learned over the years? I have been watching you change patterns, adjust gauge, move darts, place darts, all this knowledge is worth a class or a couple of classes.

I would take my various projects to a couple of stores, gauge their reaction, have a lesson plan, figure out what is doable in a two hour class, figure a fee structure, maximum number of students etc.

While you will spend time looking for a job, this sideline might help with some finances, yarn acquistions, submitting sweater ideas to Knitty or Twist. (not to mention Vogue, IWK, Knitters, etc.)

go for it.


Don't post much, but enjoy reading you. Sorry, too, about your job. You'll be fine--something wonderful will come up. Your knitting is amazing--love the new sweater. I agree that you should seek to teach your knitting skills to others. Best of luck!


So sorry about your job - my husband joined the ranks in October. Wishing you success in 2012...and looking forward to seeing your designs.


Hey Elspeth, I haven't commented in FOR.EV.ER but wanted to send my best wishes for an uplifting new year. Sorry to hear about the job but with your great designs I'm sure you'll bounce back quickly. xo


So sorry to hear about your job! However, you're such a gifted knitter, who makes such amazing pattern changes/adjustments, maybe this is the time to go in a different direction? Wishing you much success & happiness in 2012!


For what it's worth, the New Hampshire Historical Society is looking for a Library Director.

Gina in the San Francisco Bay Area

I too am sorry to hear about your job loss. However, unbelievable as it may sound, my local museum (The Oakland Museum of California; http://museumca.org/employment-opportunities) has several positions listed. I don't know exactly what position you are looking for, but they seem to run the gamut. Despite the many negatives you might have heard about Oakland, it is a generally a very nice place to live and/or work.

I really enjoy your blog and your fearless approach to customizing your knitting.


Just a random idea - you have a lot of experience with preservation and object curation, right? When I was studying archives, we read an article about the future of that profession. The author (something Cox?)talked about archivists as consultants, helping people organize their personal archives. With your museum experience, you could help people with preserving photographs, heirloom textiles, old-yet-special newspapers, etc. Perhaps write DIY guides or podcasts and sell them.

Dallas County Jail

I really wanted to learn how to knit but I don't know someone who can teach me.

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